How to Double Your Money

Fast-rising investments are the talk of the town. One day it’s GameStop, the next it’s Bitcoin, tomorrow it’ll be something else. Heck, even Hanes stock increased by 25% earlier this week. Everywhere you look it seems like someone is telling you how to double your money. These returns are all attention grabbing, but if you’re …

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trading options laptop

A Real, Profitable Example of Trading Options

Trading options is more popular now than ever. Recent findings show that the entire derivatives market is over four quadrillion dollars. New investors that start trading options can quickly find themselves in a world of hurt. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a lot of money very quickly. The good news …

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abandon all hope

Abandon All Hope

The stock market recently has been riding on hopes. In 2019, it was hopes of a trade deal. In July, hopes of a second stimulus. Hopes of a vaccine are driving the market in November. Generally, this is a good aspect of the stock market. After all, you buy a stock for its future returns. …

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