Month: February 2021

Privilege: A Tale of Twins

If you listen to the news or jump on Twitter for more than five minutes, odds are that you’ll come across the word “privilege” at least once. Probably more. In recent years, this word has become a weapon of speech. The narrative makes it seem like those who succeed are born into it while the …

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justice inequality

The Wealth Gap is a Scapegoat

A lot of news recently has been dedicated to pointing out the wealth inequality gap. Some say it’s the highest it’s ever been (debatable). Either way, the gap between the 1% and the 99% is vast. There’s no denying that. But how does this affect you? Answer: it doesn’t. Not really. Even though Elon Musk …

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How to Double Your Money

Fast-rising investments are the talk of the town. One day it’s GameStop, the next it’s Bitcoin, tomorrow it’ll be something else. Heck, even Hanes stock increased by 25% earlier this week. Everywhere you look it seems like someone is telling you how to double your money. These returns are all attention grabbing, but if you’re …

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The Dark Side of Index Funds

Index funds have taken over the world of investing. If you don’t count GameStop, AMC Theaters and Tesla, index funds are the most talked-about investments today. Bogleheads and Housel readers alike all flock to this asset as the godsend of investing. This almost makes it seem like you can do no wrong here. Doesn’t this …

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