Month: January 2021

Shoot First, Then Aim

Everyone has problems. Some people have to worry about their in-laws coming to town, and others are getting hassled by their boss. Some people only need to worry about what scotch they buy next ;). A common problem among writers is writer’s block. You sit and think about what to write, but nothing comes up. …

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trading options laptop

A Real, Profitable Example of Trading Options

Trading options is more popular now than ever. Recent findings show that the entire derivatives market is over four quadrillion dollars. New investors that start trading options can quickly find themselves in a world of hurt. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a lot of money very quickly. The good news …

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new years sparkler

New Year, New Process

Here we are in a brand new year. The holiday season is over, and it’s back to the old grind. But it doesn’t have to be the “old grind.” Why not do something better this year? People often refer to these goals as their New Year’s Resolution–a goal that is to be focused on and …

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